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Born in 1975 in Reading, England, Kate Winslet began studying theater at the age of 11 years to Redroofs Theater School. It quickly appears on British television in commercials, and in 1991, she landed her first role in a television series, "Dark Season". In 1996, the cinema opens its doors with The Heavenly Creatures by Peter Jackson. It is, however, his interpretation of romantic and passionate Marianne Dashwood in the adaptation of Jane Austen, Reasons and feelings, which allows him to get a Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. 

Kate Winslet then makes debut discrete United States by joining the cast of Hamlet (1997) to Kenneth Branagh , for which she plays the sweet Ophelia. During the filming of this movie, she landed the role of Rose in Titanic for James Cameron , who will make her and her partner Leonardo DiCaprio iconic film the couple's romantic past twenty years. After the huge success of this film, it does not neglect the smaller productions and joined the cast of Holy Smoke (1999) by Jane Campion alongside Harvey Keitel. 

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